Widya Stresses the Importance of Networking

Pangkalpinang – The delegation of Provincial Youth Exchange (PPAN) 2024, Samsul Bahari from Bangka Regency and Siti Mardatila from Pangkalpinang had an audience with the acting regional secretary of Kepulauan Bangka Belitung (Babel)  Fery Afrianto and the head of tourism, culture, youth and sports office Widya Kemala Sari.

Both delegations were accompanied by the head of youth and scouts division Pairus, and the alumni of PPAP Imam and Dimas on Monday, 01/07/2024. It was before their departure to follow the programme in Bengkulu and Kalimantan Utara from 4th July to 7th August 2024.

Widya stressed the importance of networking which was a very important part of self-development. It could cause someone to have knowledge and valuable experiences.

“Networking is very important. You will have a lot of experiences and valuable knowledge by socializing,” she said.

She also reminded them to promote Babel. It was their important agenda.

“Socializing also means promoting Babel. It’s important to encourage people to visit our province,” added her.

She asked them to be active on their social media to promote amazing places in Babel with short interesting descriptions of each place.

The acting regional secretary also motivated them to do their best because they bore Babel’s good reputation.

“Despite your short stay there, show them that Babel’s youths can blend well in the society and can motivate the people on development,” said Fery.

The delegation said in a separate place that their motivation in PPAP was to bring positive effect to the young generation.

Martadila said that she would implement her public health education background.

“I want to implement how to live in clean and healthy life to the people of Tarakan in Kalimantan Utara where I will be placed. It is a real action from youths from all provinces to build the country. (Khalimo/SAS)

Khalimo | Translated by S. Ahmad Sobri
Pairus (Bahasa Indonesia)
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