Towards Global Market, Provincial Office Holds Training about Exporting Local Products

Pangkalpinang – Tourism, Culture, Youths, and Sport office of Bangka Belitung Province (Disparbudkepora Babel) held training for young entrepreneurs as a driver of economic growth. It was about exporting local products.

It was aimed to increase exports of local products and to foster young entrepreneurs to be key players in the global market.

The training took place from November 8 to 12, 2023 at Grand Safran Hotel was attended by 35 young entrepreneurs from all Bangka Belitung Province.

Wydia Kemala Sari, Head of Tourism, Culture, Youths, and Sport office of Bangka Belitung Province said this training was essential in strengthening and deepening collaboration among private, government, and academics.

Furthermore, Wydia believed participants would get the needed knowledge and skills regarding international trade through this training.

“We believe participants will get a needed knowledge and skill regarding international trade through this training,” she said.

In terms of the global economy, exporting local products has been a strong pillar to increase growth. It created more job opportunities as well. Therefore, Disparbudkepora continuously urged young entrepreneurs to expand their market.

“Through this training, we hope participants get a whole idea of exporting goods, such as market, permit, and its regulation. This fruitful knowledge will help you to expand your business into global market,” said Wydia. (KTA/ ZE)

Disparbudkepora Babel
S. Ahmad Sobri (English)
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